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The Law Office of Lance Turnbow is the premier law firm in San Marcos, TX, and the surrounding areas, handling DWI, drug possession, and criminal defense cases. Lance Turnbow is dedicated and devoted to aggressively fighting and defending criminal charges in South Central Texas. As a Texas criminal attorney, Turnbow spends all day growing and developing his skills in defending people accused of crimes. Whether drug possession, DWI, or first degree felonies, The Law Office of Lance Turnbow is willing and able to defend you against criminal charges.

There are three principles on which Lance Turnbow has built his firm:
  • Experience – When you’re charged with a crime, you need the best to come to your defense. Turnbow is a justice attorney who has defended thousands of cases from start to finish. He knows what to expect from judges and prosecutors and knows how to speak confidently and competently during your case. Furthermore, Turnbow understands how difficult and stressful being accused of a crime can be. He will work alongside you and help you understand what is happening and how to remain calm throughout the legal process. 

  • Protecting your record – Protecting your record is our top priority. Turnbow is a skilled criminal defense attorney who knows the potential problems an arrest or conviction can have on your record, driver’s license, ability to receive government loans, and other opportunities. Many people, especially students, can see their record tarnished overnight and watch their future prospects diminish. Turnbow is skilled at wiping arrest records with an expunction and will fight for the best possible outcome of a case. 

  • Accessibility – Unlike our competitors, The Law Office of Lance Turnbow is a criminal defense law firm accessible to everyone. Turnbow will call you back, answer your emails, and keep an open channel of communication with you. He understands that an attorney you can’t communicate with is not helpful at all. Turnbow personally handles every case and is able to put his full experience and expertise against your criminal charge.
When you need a criminal defense lawyer that is prepared and ready to stand up for you and your case, call The Law Office of Lance Turnbow at (512) 392-4756 today to set up a FREE consultation for your case. 

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